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We dont have aisle numbers in the store. How would you direct a customer who asks where an item is.

3 Answers

Direct them in the right direction and offer to lead them to the designated area.

As a customer service trainer with BB&B, the correct answer to this will always be to escort a customer to the item. We Escort so that we can qualify a customer and recommend the best product that will fit their needs

Walk with the customers to where the item is

What would you do about an angry customer?

1 Answer

Would you be able to work closing shifts, holidays, and weekends?

1 Answer

I was asked how I felt about working with computers, people, lifting, etc.

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So since you've owned so many birds, do you have experience with care like wing and toenail clipping?

1 Answer

I see you don't have much work experience. Do you have anything like volunteer experience?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself? Do you have any pets?

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Was there a time in your past jobs/volunteer experience where instructions weren't very clear?

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Was there any time where you didn't get along with your coworkers or covolunteers?

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Did you personally ever know any employee who did anything against company policy?

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