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didnt expect there to be a booklet of behaviour questions to answer. and asked about data / tech questions.Stop- loss

-an example of when technology broke down and how you handled it -an example of when you delegated tasks -an example of when you disagreed and stood up for your beliefs -example of when you bargained and what was your strategy -tell me about yourself -failure and how you handle criticism -something about customer service -example of when something went wrong in a project and how you handled it -what happened if you realized that your data was incorrect and you had a strict deadline -are you a leader or a follower -time when you were stressed and handling multiple projects and technique when going through them -tell me about a time when were was disagreement and how you handled it -what other companies are you applying for - how do you stay organized -what would you have done differently in bargaining, any regrets? -what would you do differently in customer service situation, any regrets? -These are just a few examples so be more prepared with examples for every behavioral question you can think of

How do you manage dtress at the workplace?How does it affect your relationship with coworkers?

Fairly standard interview. Was there from 9 am to around 11:30/Noon. Met with about 5 people from the Modeling team who asked behavioral questions, why I want to work here, etc.

Lots of behavioral questions. Tell me about yourself, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Fairly decent amount of group questions, such as a time when your group worked well together, when you didn't work well together, when some didn't put as much effort in, etc. Talk about a time when you bargained something, what would you have done differently? Be prepared to talk through your resume as well. There were no real technical questions besides asking what familiarity I had with some Microsoft Office programs and statistic programs.

Asked about components of catastrophe models and data quality.

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