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Center Director Interview Questions

"When hiring a center director, companies are looking for employees who excel at communicating and marketing. Depending on the type of center that you are interviewing for, it is likely that you will be tested on your knowledge of that specific industry. Be prepared to speak to both your successful and unsuccessful projects from the past, as well as how you have previously dealt with difficult customers. Through your management style, show that you can handle challenges well and work with a diverse range of people."

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Very typical generic team building, employee satisfaction, how to motivate employees. One very strange question, what would it mean to you to represent Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health Plans.

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A what point, when, what reason, or why would you break confidentiality in this position?

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Why I left a previous employer....

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I can't recall any specific questions. I believe the generalized 'describe a situation where you had to deal with ....' was used. I needed to present information on staff coaching and dealing with difficult customers

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Why would I be interested in working for Kaplan?

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What was the level of parent communication you dealt with in your previous jobs?

What do you know about C2 Education?

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The hiring manager asked for specific examples of projects I had completed in my career. I had some examples but felt like I didn't have enough for him.

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