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Certified Medical Assistant was asked...April 19, 2017

If your manager is not present, what decision would you be comfortable making?

4 Answers

I stated that depending on the situation, I would be ok with making a decision that would benefit the patient whether it is a question about their visit or administering oxygen. I would however consult with a lead doctor or nurse in an emergent situation. Less



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Johns Hopkins Health System

Do you have children

4 Answers

None of your business

Not yet why?

None of your business.

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Wellstar Health System

Why did you decide to choose to apply to Wellstar?

3 Answers

I love what Wellstar stands for. I prefer working for an organization that gives back to the community and is non-for profit. Less

I appreciate what you do for the community. I live in Douglasvile and is eager to work in this community close to home avoiding the heavy traffic n Atlanta. Less

I am impressed by the numbers of employees and the number of sites you have. I have worked at hospitals in the past that was not as stable. Two of these facilities closed. The benefits are also very important to me. Less

Bon Secours

how long have you been a medical assistant?

3 Answers

11 years

3 traes

3 years

Summit Medical Group (TN)

Tell me a time when you had a argument with a boss?

2 Answers

I didn't argue with a boss

I have never argued with a boss. I have discussed things with said boss. We agreed to compromise. The subect of the discussion was about a cleaning policy. I stated to my boss that the policy was outdated and why I felt that it was outdated, and the result was a compromise to update said policy. Less


Do I consider myself more of an extrovert/introvert?

2 Answers

Combination of both, I can be open and team-oriented or I can be solitary and goal/task-oriented. Less

How long was it until they offered you a position?

Dignity Health

Something positive and negative about myself.

2 Answers

Something positive, then something negative with a positive solution on how to fix the negative characteristic. Less

When taking the MA hands on assessment, was it diffcult? Did you have to demonstrate hands on skills, or did they mock the procedures, and then have you show them how to do it etc? How are you graded? Less

Western Medical Associates

What is your best quality for this job.

2 Answers

I love patient care.

I’m adaptable to any situation.

Mountain Park Health Center

A time you went beyond and above for a patient?

2 Answers

What is your greatest strength and weakness?

I have a question how long did it take them to reach you after the interview was over to offer you the position? Less

Planned Parenthood

Do you speak any other languages?

2 Answers

No. Just English

:/ Really?

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