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Certified Pharmacy Technician was asked...November 1, 2012

When a customer complains about how long they had to wait, which can sometimes happen when there is not enough people working, how would you handle talking to this customer?

3 Answers

I would thank the customer and apologize for the wait.

If needed I would fill the script myself and pass to be checked by Pharmacist and immediately return script to customer. Less

Explain that you are sorry about their wait and ask the pharmacist to help with this customer if they continue to complain. Less

Remedi SeniorCare

If a child weighs 50lbs, and the drug is dosed in 2mL/Kg, what is the child's dose in mL?

3 Answers


45 or 46 depending on how they choose to round.

50lbs = 22.72kg 22.72kg/ 2ml/kg remove the kg and divide 22.72/2ml=11.36ml my pharmacist requires rounding up so 12ml would be giving to the patient so if the doctor orders bid for ten days the patient would need a 240 ml to complete therapy. Less

Costco Wholesale

How did you handle making a mistake and what did you do to fix it?

2 Answers

Fix it if possible, own up to it, take ownership, report it and then learn from it. You don't blame others especially if you are the leader. Less

Giving the wrong patient an rx.


what is your availability

2 Answers

Sunday to Sunday from 8am to 10 pm

all the time 24/7


At your previous job, what did you like most? Was there anything you liked least?

2 Answers

How long did it take to schedule a one-on-one interview after the phone call?

After the phone interview, got an email a week later to schedule an in-person interview. Less


Why did you leave CVS?

2 Answers

There were several reasons, management and the pharmacy had zero communication, and they were cutting hours to the point work was a nightmare. Less

Total burnout. They work their techs to the point of exhaustion. If you mention the need to take a lunch, you are looked at as if you asked for something they never heard of. It's a good company, but upper management cares nothing about its employees--just its numbers. Less

Pentec Health

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

1 Answers

Working here at Pentec!


How did you handle a situation where a customer got upset?

2 Answers

I answered by giving a real-life situation in one of my previous jobs where I stayed calm and politely suggested a solution to the customer. Less

Just smile and kill them with kindness


What are the tasks of a pharmacy technician?

2 Answers

Type, fill, customer service

Customer service.. first lol

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