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why is matching required?

2 Answers

Matching in MOSFET transistor inverters is necessary because the electrons that move in the NMOS transistor move at a faster rate than the holes that move in the PMOS transistor. This means when a signal is received, the NMOS will react before the PMOS. To equalize this, they transistors must be matched (by adjusting their widths) so that their transition times are the same.

Maximum power transfer.

I was asked what options one might have to rectify a max timing path.

1 Answer

I was asked to draw the circuit diagram of a comparator and then describe how it functions on the circuit level.

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What is setup time and hold time? What's the consequences of setup time and hold time violations?

1 Answer

What is a state machine? What's the applications for it?

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In addition to technical questions there is alos behavioral questions asked. One example is "tell me about a time when you had to do something different from what the conventional approach suggested".

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what's the worst part of your job.

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I was fully qualified for the job and I was able to answer all of the questions as far as I remember. I remember it being more of a conversation than a set of questions. I thought the line of questioning was just fine.

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What do you ask clients when asked to do a website?

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