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what does const functionname(...) const do?

1 Answer

Means that the function will not change any attributes in the class

What is a static function and why do you use them

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whats ur goal as a senior engineer at this company? where do u see urself in 5 years..

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What has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion, copper, silicon or epoxy and why?

1 Answer

During the in person interview I was asked a low level programming question. Write a program to parse a 32 bit number and show LSB and MSB?

1 Answer

So pro tip. I brought a print out of my presentation with me during my interview. I could get most of the one on one's to focus on my resume/ presentation. Bring the interview questions into an area of science/engineering that I have been working on the past 4 years. My interview experience was 80% technical questions from my resume and presentation because I did my best to shift it that way.

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Describe in detail one of my past projects that showcased strengths and skills sets would apply for position to which I applied. They asked specific questions about each step. Asked what do I bring to their team, etc. Then technical questions began with basic and led to an algorithm question regarding two structure data types that were rectangles with x, y coordinate as but fields and how would you implement a program ton determine if the two rectangles collide (e.g. overlap or share a coordinate).

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How would you debug a failure on a PCIE interface

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They mostly wanted to know what I had done previously. One question was about what I did to get around a shortened schedule situation where I was not given enough time. They were also interested in how I developed relationships with others, both internally and externally. They liked that I made frequent eye contact and could be comfortable with them.