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Change management Interview Questions


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Change management Interview Questions

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How do you manage people resisting change yet the leadership is requesting output that requires something difference.

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Assess the situation. Present the facts, with the benefits and risks of the suggested actions or inactions. Seek leadership support and escalate if necessary or let the status quo continue with the risks identified and documented.

The management approach ideally would depend on the characteristics of the recalcitrant individuals.

How quickly can you implement a change in safety culture?

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There were no mysterious or key questions. The interview consisted of a friendly open, honest conversation about my past accomplishments and experience. The hiring manager and I talked for about 35 minutes as he conveyed the position details and explained what was expected. One of the standard questions is to give an example of how you manged a particularly difficult situation with a given project, resource or vendor.

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Would I join the Organization and Transformation practice or the Business Strategy practice?

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Interview questions were basic- - tell me about your change management experience. I got the impression this group did not hire from outside much.

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Describe your prior experiences in implementing and managing change.

How did you go about when a change in requirements came?

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