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What do you know about S2S and explain how we are different. Sell me on S2S.

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i explained it as best as I could, but the idiocy of the question just confounds me. If you dont know their story as good as current employees you wont get hired.

Wrong answer. Conducting thorough research of the company prior to the interview would have prepared you to answer the question.

I use this question all the time to find out if the candidate took the time to simply read our website! I can't you how many people come in and have no idea what the company does let alone how to sell us our own products!! Take the time to look at the website and then stick to the very basics, we don't expect you to know the secret sauce, but how about knowing the basics!! This is a great example of a question that is asking you a question, just not the question you think is being asked.

Why do you want to join HP?

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Describe how you'd decide (calculate, analyze, ROI) if a opportunity of Ellen is worth the investment?

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How would you develop a relationship with Spanish speaking Hispanic Landscapers that are self employed, don't buy from wholesalers, and market to them so that they prefer our products?

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One thing 2 of your former bosses would tell me about you that you would DISAGREE with?

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How would you describe the way you would approach the market?

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How would you define success?

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What's your 2nd biggest weakness?

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Why do I think that I'm the right person for the job.

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-Qualifications questions -Why I wanted to switch jobs and why Odoo -We did a supply chain case and another one about a service company and how they bill

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