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Was asked to name the alter egos of 3 of the Flash family members.

1 Answer

Barry Allen, Wally West, Bart Allen

CD pointed at my 70's JLA poster and asked me to name all the team members. CD couldn't tell the difference between Zatanna and Dr. Light. Claimed I was incorrect, but then dropped the subject.

What is my preferred medium for concept drawing? Did I prefer digital or traditional more?

Can you give me a breakdown of your character creation process and what software you use to do it?

If you have to choose again, would you choose a different position, what job would you most likely to take?

1 Answer

general portfolio review, basic where do you see yourself, strengths & weakness, future interest etc

1 Answer

How would do you feel about working long hours, up to 7 days a week if necessary?

Tell me about a time where you were faced in a difficult situation and what you did to resolve it?

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