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Finance Analyst Interview Questions in Charlotte, NC


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Why do you want this position at Ally. They were looking to see how well you understood the position and the company in general.

1 Answer

Do not give generic answers, show how your skills are relevant

Tell me about a time when you promised a customer something you couldn't deliver or that was bad for the company.

1 Answer

Discuss a time when you had to solve a problem in a team setting.

Please describe what you would expect to see on a balance sheet?

Do you find an environment of this size intimidating

They asked me to tell them about a time where I had something challenging in a previous position and how did I address it.

1 Answer

Hardest question "Given a company with properties a,b,c,x,y,z at time t, draw a graph of the company's DCF across it's development horizon, and explain your graph"

Regular Qs like tell me about yourself? Weakness, strenghts, etc

1 Answer

I was a french bilingual - so of course they will test your language skills - which was alright with me.