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Marketing Analyst Interview Questions in Charlotte, NC

"As a marketing analyst, you'll use your analytical skill set to collect information about the market, identify trends, and offer marketing strategies. In an interview context, expect to answer technical questions that will test your knowledge of market analysis. Be prepared to show that you can work in a fast-paced environment, handle large sets of data, and are up-to-date on current industry news."

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Determine the maximum amount that we could afford to pay to have a potential customer reach one of our website.

1 Answer

Step through a sales funnel's metrics (revenue on a product, all costs associated with the sale, ad click through rates, website call-in rates, conversion rates) to back out the maximum cost to acquire a website visitor.

Which of our core values do you most relate to?

discuss less than ideal circumstances you were able to produce a positive outcome

The math questions...Better be ready to do calculations in your head.

What are the six primary issues we face in our business?

1 Answer

What is your experience on Excel.

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs

1 Answer

How did you learn about Red Ventures and why did you apply for this position?