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Analyst Interview Questions in Charlottesville, VA

"Analysts work in a variety of fields to break down complex problems and find solutions. When interviewing candidates, employers are looking for applicants who have strong analytical and problem-solving skills as well as an in-depth knowledge of the field. For more information on the specific questions you'll be asked, try researching a particular role such as business analyst, financial analyst, programming analyst, or data analyst."

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How many gas stations are in the US?

2 Answers

No idea how to answer that question without sounding like a fool.

These types of problems are meant to challenge your problem solving and critical thinking ability. We tell all candidates at the start of the problem: "It's not about getting the right answer. What's more important is how you work through the problem and, using what you know, come up with the best estimate." We hope that more than anything you will welcome the challenge and be eager to tackle it using your genius! :-)

My activities, what did we debate in debate societies

1 Answer

Did I have experience in writing advanced reports? How many times had my reports been published?

1 Answer

Did I have a current Top Secret Clearance?

1 Answer

How many ping pong balls can fit in a 10x10x10 foot room?

2 Answers

Explain something you've failed at.

1 Answer

Very casual not out of some interviewing book. Sort of a "what have you been doing" and "here is what you would do here...what do you think?" The people were very relaxed and made me at ease. I think they were eager to hire someone and were not very demanding. I think this would be the experience with most people interviewing here.

1 Answer

Generic BS questions from "hiring manager" who is the person that would be my boss if I got the job, like "where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?'" He seemed more interested in talking about himself than in anything I said.

1 Answer

How would you personally define SEO?

Tell us about a time when you were in conflict with you team members and how you resolved it.

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