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University of Virginia Interviews in Charlottesville /  HQ: Charlottesville, VA

50 Interviews in Charlottesville (of 87)

2.5 Easy

WillowTree Interviews in Charlottesville /  HQ: Charlottesville

38 Interviews in Charlottesville (of 84)

3.4 Difficult

WorldStrides Interviews in Charlottesville /  HQ: Charlottesville

27 Interviews in Charlottesville (of 73)

2.9 Average

Interview Questions in Charlottesville

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Are you interested in this position?

2 Answers

As it was an informational interview set up by a colleague, I was unaware that they were considering me as a candidate for a particular position. However, the interviewer was so informative that it was easy to make a decision and formulate an answer.


Math is required. There are multiple questions, each regarding different PPC mechanisms.

1 Answer

How would you handle a customer who was upset.

1 Answer

Do you speak English? What's your legal status? Can you read okay? Chupa chupa?

1 Answer

Is there anything in the job description you don't like?

1 Answer

The main one wasn't a real question but more of a disagreement where one person thought a certain toolset was GCC based and I disagreed. They tried to get me to say it was one way or the other however I didn't honestly know as it was a tool I used and not one I maintained.

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I think the most difficult question (if there were any), was when I was questioned about how would my peers react when questioned about my strengths.

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How do you go about improving sales?

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After asking me about how much I wanted to earn and what my goals were I was asked to sell them on their publications. Handed me rate sheets and past issues and then they informed me they would a dentist or bakery - go!

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What is the most important quality for a successful DSR?

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