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Sales Consultant Interview Questions in Chelmsford, UK

"Companies depend on sales consultants to establish trust between clients and companies through their marketing, interpersonal, and customer service skills. Expect to draw heavily on previous experience during an interview. Popular questions ask about situations in which you have changed a client's mind or demonstrated strong interpersonal skills during challenging times. You may also have to demonstrate your sales skills by pitching a product to the interviewer."

Top Interview Questions

What makes good customer service.

1 Answer

Good customer service is listening to the customer when you ask them a question. Allow them to explain what they want the product for, if there is a specific requirements or boundries they have for that specific product.

Situational questions if a customer needed help

How can you push a sale

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what do you do when you are not at work?

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Have you previous experience with retail?

Example of an episode where you really felt proud about yourself at work

What strengths can you bring to the role?

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Do you live a commutable distance

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Something you're passionate about

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