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What would be the time mix that I would prefer , Computer / Document , vs out in the plant .

3 Answers

Basically , whatever would be required to achieve the objective. I am most oriented to on the floor work .

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What do you know about the steel business?

1 Answer

Describe a time when you successfully solved a problem through creativity or leadership in a past job.

1 Answer

Tell me about your experience leading a team, that you gained through your previous jobs

1 Answer

Though I hadn't mentioned it or put it on my resume, the first on-site interviewers asked me about my Senior Design project. I wish I had more closely reviewed the details the night before.

1 Answer

What is the one thing that is not on your resume that you want to tell me?

1 Answer

tell me about yourself

1 Answer

no suprise at all

1 Answer

the technical problem he was working on with the other engineers on the site.

1 Answer

are you willing to work in poor working condition

1 Answer
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