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What is a peptide?

1 Answer

I thought this was rude. Do I look stupid to you? I have a degree. I know what a freaking peptide is. Of course...

If you left here and I could only remember one word from your interview.

1 Answer

What is your biggest strength/ weakness? How did you once handle a conflict with a coworker? Do you work better in teams or individually?

1 Answer

Describe an instrument and how it works in a way someone who would be unfamiliar with it could understand.

What instrumentation experience have you had?

What is your desired salary?

1 Answer

Are your hours flexible

1 Answer

What are your *two* greatest weaknesses?

What would you do if a particular customer with higher impact on the business wants to take precedence over other tasks at hand already in queue?

What are some different balances you use to weight items? If a pH of a water sample is 10, what do you do? What are some quality control standards you have used and their purpose? What are some different type of pipettes/syringes?

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