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Account Executive Interview Questions in Chicago, IL

"When hiring account executives, employers are looking for candidates with the communication and sales skills to find and acquire new clients. In an interview, be ready to discuss your experience sourcing new business opportunities, familiarity with sales strategies, and ability to close deals with clients."

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typical selling strategy questions

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Did you get the job? Are the sales face-to-face or more phone based? Do you work from a home office? >$200K?

Yes I got the job but it was not what was sold to me and was not negotiable as far as a possible change. I would be viewed as a difficult person and crt baby. the job is 95% on the phone and if needed a visit to your territory. In my case i am based in Chicago and cover obscure accounts in the southeast. so none of my 20 plus years of relationships mattered to them.

Also you are tied to you phone and desk and it is frownd upon to work from home.

What is 40% of 200?

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How have you measured success with internet marketing clients in the past?

1 Answer

tell me about a time when you disagreed with a superior and how did you handle it?

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What is your favorite thing on your resume?

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What motivates you? Can you handle rejection? Can you sell me this pen? Will you be able to show up on time?

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Only question, how many years of sales experience do you have?

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Starting sales for the first time, was not sure what to expect

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What color describes you and every other crazy question. Dr. Wilson??? Are you kidding me!

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How would you sell a pencil to someone that does not need one?

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