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Dental Assistant Interview Questions in Chicago, IL

"Dental assistants provide support to dentists by executing administrative duties, handling patients before procedures, and serving as an extra set of hands during procedures. Dentists and dental assistants work very closely with one another, so employers are looking for candidates with strong communication and teamwork skills. You can expect to answer several behavioral questions that will assess your ability to excel on a small team and calm nervous patients."

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When I was asked what I thought my weaknesses where in this profession, it was difficult to answer beacause you don't want to make yourself look bad but at the same time want to stay honest.

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I was just honest in letting him know that when it came to doing the front desk duties, I was'nt as trained or knowledgable in that area.

Why do you want to be a dental assistant. Do you speak any other languages.

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What was your most satisfying experience and or greatest achievement?

They liked to keep trying to relate my past non-relevant work experiences with the position. There weren't any real specific questions. It was a big corporate script about the company. Kind of like a sales pitch for me to join the company.