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Makeup Artist Interview Questions in Chicago, IL

"Employers are looking for makeup artists who are creative, attentive to detail, and excellent customer service providers. During an interview, expect to be faced with the kinds of questions that a customer may ask to draw upon your product knowledge, so make sure you have a list of your go-to products and know which the lines the company carries."

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What was a problem that you encountered in your previous position, and a creative way that you solved it independently?

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Not well - it's one that I wasn't prepared for. I tried to slide by with a non-answer and she kept pushing, so be sure to have this one locked down.

What are three makeup trends you have noticed from this year?

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What would you do if you were applying a full face to a client, and the phone started ringing and another client was looking for a lip color and no one else was around to assist?

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What is your favorite MAC product? Sell it to me.

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Are you confident with your ability to sell?

The questions were mostly about past makeup history and customer service history

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How much money an hour do you want

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Give me an example of a time you and a co-worker didn't get along.

Why are you leaving the current place of employment?

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