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Management Trainee Interview Questions in Chicago, IL

"As a management trainee, your ultimate goal is to become a manager through your ability to analyze, organize, and collaborate. In an interview context, employers will be interested to see if you are familiar with how they operate, what your motivation is, and the meaning of customer service to you. Often times, you will be responsible for handling difficult customers, so know how you would role-play this scenario. To show that you are up for this job, emphasize that you are up for challenges, multi-tasking, and leadership."

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I was randomly asked a question about current events--probably because of my major. I didn't have much of an opinion on the issue because I was a full time university student finishing my senior thesis and applying for jobs.... and the interviewer totally got that and said she could relate when I explained. But the question was asked very seriously and her response was very relaxed. Bizarre.

What do you think about our current operations from what you can see? Are there any blatant improvements that you think could be made?

What was your greatest leadership accomplishment?

Describe a situation where you had to motivate others.

Ask about the project you have done in school, what do you find in this project

Describe your personality with other people.

Why do you think you are better suited for the position than the other candidates?