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Manager In Training Interview Questions in Chicago, IL


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What does a client mean to you?

2 Answers

What did the critical thinking test consist of and how difficult was it? because I got emailed the link to test the AVN test or critical thinking questionaire and i really do not want to fail. I thank you dearly.

I took the Watson-Glaser test, I don't know what the AVN test consists of. The Watson-Glaser was like a multiple choice-type test where 1 or more of the answers could be correct but I had to choose the best one. I found some of them to be difficult because it was hard for me to decide which to choose, but other people may find it fairly easy. I don't know what my results were, but I passed!

Why did you apply for this position?

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Offered a cashier's position to me b/c he didn't know me and wanted to see how I work B 4 promoting me. My resume and experience didn't matter. They offer insurance but do not pay for any of it. Told me I could call him if I had any questions.

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Are you interested more in the position or the company?

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What motivates you?

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Tell me about a time when you experienced a conflict within the workplace with a boss/supervisor and how did you resolve it?

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Describe how you motivate others

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The sheet they give you at the group interview says: What are your 4 skills you believe will help you sell? What are 6 skills necessary in a leader? How much do you plan on making in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? If you could be one living person who would it be?

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There wasn't much asked in the interview at all.

Self introduction. Mention one mistake u think u did while in college or school or at work? What was it’s consequence? How did u resolve it?