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Why do you think we don't include the product distributors in our catalog?

3 Answers

In case the distributor no longer carries the part and they have to change distributors. It would be extremely costly to reprint their catalogs.

The above answer is partly correct. But as a one-stop shop, they can become the source for products that a buyer would otherwise negotiate a better price for through a distributor or manufacturer. What I've done as an enigineer and buyer was to buy one of something from McMaster. Then, because it is usually in the manufacturer's packaging, I would contact the manufacturer and get more info on costs and similar products. I must say, though, McMaster is an invaluable source with good pricing and incredibly fast delivery.

First, McMaster-Carr wants to have the reputation of only supplying the top product to customers and they want their trust. They don't want you to go to multiple online stores/catalogs and shop on price, they want the customer trust that it will come the next day and the customer will be pleased with what comes out of the box. That's why you can't order a catalog; they choose their customers. Try searching for screws online. McMaster-Carr sells a gazillion of them, but they don't show up in Google searches. They target their customers. Sure, it makes things easier when there's a source change, but they want to de-emphasize brand and just sell the "best" one of everything to the target customer.

Advantages of using EBITDA over enterprise value in the valuation process.

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Tell me about your research

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3. Compare and contrast ROA, ROE, and ROIC. Which one is most informative and why? Use an example to illustrate your position. Tricky since lots can be said on this matter.

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Looking for adaptability to their trading style. Long/Short, Market Neutral, higher volume trading style.

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What qualities can you bring to the firm?

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What is Executive Search?

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Can BS model be applied into futures?

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Nothing unexpected. Would have appreciated some thoughtful questions.

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