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Retail Sales Representative Interview Questions in Chicago, IL


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Why do you think your the best canidate for this job??

1 Answer

for whoever that reads this this anyone is the best canidate for this job the hiring age is 18 years old they even let a 16 year old kid work for them thats how desperate they are, and there employee turnover rate is extremely high

why do you want to work for verizon?

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Name and explain about a time you dealt with an angry customer.

1 Answer

1) Give a time when you had to use suggestive selling to a manager how did you prepare for the call. 2) You know this position requires relocation what is your time frame for relocating. 3) Why Hershey? 4) Give an example of your most proudest accomplishment in school or on a job 5) Why are you the perfect candidate for this position...(There are only 9 questions.

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Do you have any experience in this position?

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What is your experience working in the field, do you have a valid drivers license, do you have a computer with high speed internet capability, do you have a reliable vehicle, do you have a phone can you life 50 pounds, can you stand for extended periods of time.

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How hard do you feel that it will be to transition from the industry I have had experience in for the last 12 years to snack foods?

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How have you handled an irate customer in the past?

Basic interview questions they send you a sheet telling you exactly how interview is going to go