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Sales Associate Interview Questions in Chicago, IL

"When hiring sales associates, employers are looking for charismatic candidates who can provide helpful advice to customers and close sales. Be prepared to answer a few scenario questions that will assess your ability to handle difficult customers, sell a product, or excel on a team. Previous sales experience is an advantage, but not necessary."

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Are you willing to work 65 hours a week on a regular basis.

3 Answers

I was not, I have 3 children. They only really want to promote men. They view women as cashiers only. I have never meet a female store manager.

There was an assistant store manager in Cedar Rapids,IA back when I worked with Menards. You do make me wonder though about an actual store manager. Department manager yes, store manager, maybe not.

I have seen a women as a DEPARTMENT manager but never in STORE management in the Chicago land area or Northwest Indiana. They women are mainly Front end maagers, plumbing or electrical. Only departments that need lots of attention to details. I was a asst. department manager in receiving but was harrased so much by the male customers that I spoke to the HR ( a male) that told me I needed to take it as compliments and stop being so stuck up. He then proceeded to tell me that I should go out and get laid that night so I wouldnt be so up tight.

Did you have to come far?

2 Answers

What I consider my biggest strength

1 Answer

If you were a manger and found out one of your employees was stealing, what would you do?

1 Answer

In your previous job, did you have any experience of stealing and how was it handled?

1 Answer

Time you went above and beyond and what was the outcome.

1 Answer

How Do You Feel About Free Lunch And Snacks.

1 Answer

If you were the CFO of amazon, what metrics would you look at every day to see how well your company is doing?

1 Answer

If a customer is looking at birthday balloon, what do you do?

1 Answer

You have to get at least one checking account per day, will you do this ?

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