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Sales Interview Questions in Chicago, IL

As a sales representative, your ability to speak to clients has a large impact on the company’s profits. Great interpersonal, listening, and marketing skills are all essential. As sales reps often encounter skeptical or difficult customers, employers will be looking to assess your ability to present a product with ease, counter objections, and bounce back from rejection. Be prepared to give a convincing sales pitch on one of the company's products or role-play a situation in which you have to persuade difficult customer.

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Describe a time where you failed, then came back to succeed

3 Answers

Have to describe a bad incident and how you overcame it.

No kidding...

Tailor your response to focus on how you were able to recognize your error and then took action to turn it around and alleviate the situation. Since this is a sales rep interview, it's probably a good idea to highlight your communication skills if possible.

Sell me this paper clip (or any other various object they may have)

1 Answer

How do you make people choose a product they don't want.

3 Answers

"Sell me this pen". The VP handed me his pen and asked me to sell it to him.

2 Answers

How do you go about building a relationship with a customer?

4 Answers

What skills do you have to offer that will make you successful at HHGregg?

3 Answers

Are you willing to work 65 hours a week on a regular basis.

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Did you have to come far?

2 Answers

What does a client mean to you?

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have you performed collections.

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