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Sales Team Member Interview Questions in Chicago, IL


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Tell me about a time where you had to lead a team...

1 Answer

how would you rate your customer service skills

A time in which you have dealt with stress.

What was something you thought was interesting or learned from the video you watched?

None. Go in prepared with a few accomplishments and examples of good work behaviors in mind. Be poised and confident. If you have made it to the interview and have good availability(nights and weekends), you will get hired. It's Target, it's minimum wage, don't overthink it!

why do you want to work here?

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What makes you qualified for the position?

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1) How well do you work with other? 2) What is your availability? 3) Do you like evening or morning shifts better? 4) If (insert problem here) were to happen, how would you fix it? 5) Do you go to school? 6) How long do you plan on staying at Menards? 7) What are your goals/long term goals by working here? 8) Do you have a reliable source on transportation? 9) What are your strengths? 10) What are your weaknesses? 11) Why Menards?

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