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Senior Systems Engineer Interview Questions in Chicago, IL


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How would you determine if the server you're logged into has apache running on it.

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ps -ef | grep apache OR ps -ef | grep httpd Look for /etc/apache or /etc/httpd Look for /var/log/httpd or /var/log/apache Look inside /etc/init.d for either apache or httpd Try service apache status or server httpd status

Basics of subnetting and subnet masks.

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What's the most important thing to take into account when collecting data from various different sensors?

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Mobile app guy will give an example of a piece of functionality and will ask to collaborate with him on creating test strategy for that feature

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How do you manage requirements? How do you manage your group? What is your leadership style? What size groups do you like to manage?

What is active-active and active-passive configurations in a data-center?

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During my interview visiting Company facilities, I was faced with the development of a project where one problem was presented after another one, for about 30 minutes. This was the most challenging step of the process for me.

There were multiple questions that there were no right answer. It was mostly trying to get you uncomfortable in front of other strangers to see how you respond.

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all of the questions were pretty easy to answer. looking more for a personality fit with most of the base skills. the specific skills could be taught.

None of the questions were difficult for someone with years of experience and surely none were out of line or unrelated to the job.