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Statistician Interview Questions in Chicago, IL

"When you interview for a position as a statistician, you can expect to be asked about your knowledge of statistics, analytical and critical thinking skills, and your ability to draw conclusions from gathered data. Prepare to answer situational questions that may require you to analyze a set of data and explain its meaning or design an experiment to gather important statistical data. Your employer will want to make sure you can use your theoretical knowledge of statistics to solve hands-on, real world problems."

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when given a data set, what is the first step u take? before u start analyzing it?

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I said we should clean it up. Try to see which variables we can get rid by checking for collinearity. The interviewer's followup question was - what about even before this? I said "determine the goal as in figure out what we want to accomplish". She then asked "how we do this?" We just kept going in a circle with this question...

I would say that we should visualize the data first, getting a sense of it. How many attributes it contains? What are the ranges of the attributes? What is the data type for each attribute (ordinal, categorical, ratio, interval)? How might they be related? What are the predictors and how about the response(s)? These are typically the first thing I'd like to know when investigating a data set that I have no previous knowledge of.

He asked if I knew what I was doing and why I wanted to work there and what hours I could work.

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Describe your experience with Bayesian and Parametric statistics

How do you resolve conflicts? How do you present a new idea

behavior questions: 1.What is your career plan in 5 years. 2. Can you tell me what will you do if you find you can't meet the deadline of a project. 3. Why did you choose Statistics as your major? Technical questions: 1. What is boosting. 2. some details in my resume. 3. How to use SAS do table merge.

Advanced linear regression, model validation, how would you handle missing value data

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