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If you were given a greenfield to address our current state content systems, what steps would you take and what would the end state look like?

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That's why you're going to pay me the big bucks! In the end, you will have contextually-aware, adaptive, learning content. Hire me and I'll get you there.

How is your family life and how old are you

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Can you get an alpha product done in 8 weeks? (This is with no infrastructure, team, desk, so I would have to build everything as I went)

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Given a legacy Perl/Oracle-based authenticator, serving 10,000+ entities, which builds granular user-by-user and table-by-table permissions as a series of regular expressions (grant superuser to *billing*, grant report-only to *social*security*, etc.), how would you redesign and seamlessly cut over the system to a more modern industry-standard (deny-by-default, RBAC/ABAC) model without impacting current user experience or requiring systemwide re-enrollment?

Implement fibonacci, OOP and architecture discussions.

Do you have experience managing 8-9 associates team?

Phone interview is technical and more solution specific examples etc

Implement LRU cache

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Ask for my elevator pitch and why I am qualified for the position. Did not provide much context into the issues, challenges they were currently facing as an IT organization.

What open source (data) technology are you familiar with?

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