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How is your family life and how old are you

4 Answers

I didn't think the question was relative to the interview

You are legally not allowed to ask how old they are

You're legally not allowed to ask about family status, either.

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The fire doors on the property were in bad condition. How would I fix this problem and what would be needed to accomplish this project?

1 Answer

Most of the questions were based on R&D and new technologies ideas and implementation.

1 Answer

What can you bring to the company?

1 Answer

They asked me if I had any experience with Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sales systems.

1 Answer

the CFO asked me to describe a circumstance where I did not get along with a superior manager and how I handled it.

1 Answer

What my experience was?

1 Answer

Example of specific question: "How many times, as a function of your current position, were you required to visit a customer site within the last year?"

1 Answer

Discuss Team Experience, Leadership, Outcomes

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What was the most difficult thing you had to deal with?

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