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The questions were mostly around strategy formulation and delivery management.

How do you interpret the role of Executive Assistant to the President/CEO in a day to day capacity.

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If I was a virgin

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Please record and answer the following questions on video: What is your current position/company and why are you looking to leave? Why do you want to work at BOLD? Give an example of how you pushed yourself through a tough moment where the odds were against you. What is your biggest failure and why? What motivates you to get up every morning? When it comes to work ethic what are your standards? BOLD is an extremely fast paced environment where everything changes frequently – knowing this, what traits do you have that would make you succeed here? And what traits do you have that would make this a challenge for you? How would you handle the following situation: It's Friday at 3PM, the CEO has been unexpectedly pulled into a client meeting that may run for an hour and a half, but he has a new business pitch at 4:30 (the proposal is incomplete and he was the only person who knew what it needed to say), and there are no other available resources in the agency to complete it. How do you stay organized, and how do you keep a fast-paced CEO on track and organized? What do you ultimately want to do with your career and how would this position help take you there? What's one process you would immediately implement in the agency to increase organization and/or efficiency. What do you want us to know that we didn't ask?

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Why I thought I was a good fit for the role?

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How I value diversity? What is the most important aspect of diversity? How can I promote diversity on the campus

Who you are as a individual person

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If my current employee curses

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How do you handle crazy people?

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