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Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) was asked...September 27, 2017

How do you change a culture of insecurity?

2 Answers

You have to impress upon people the urgency of protecting the information. I can't change the culture, culture change comes from executives. Less

Most organizations can rationalize the basic need for security. Usually, if there is a cultural barrier it is because there has been high transactional cost in the past. If Security is seen as a barrier to staff doing their work, they will resist, and mightily. If you're trying to reset the culture, first ask about the experience of the staff and how they think about the workflow, the functionality of the IT system. With their feedback in mind, you can start to understand how to remove those blocks and develop influence over the culture. Less

Korn Ferry

Why are you looking to leave your current employer?

1 Answers

I'm not actively looking but the opportunity you presented is compelling enough to give it the attention it deserves. Less


Have you ever worked with LogRhythm?

1 Answers

Yes, I had a team using LogRhythm as our SIEM


Can you back stab your peers?

1 Answers

The question itself is very inappropriate.


Why would the creators of Python create list and tuple as 2 distinct data types?

1 Answers

Given the interview was for a Deputy CISO position, I was focused on the security-related answer behind this question. After I was clearly not on the right track answering this question, the interviewer shared that "performance" was the answer he was looking for. I admit I should have known the answer here, but this caught me off guard given the role I was applying for. Less


General about me but no information on the role itself.

1 Answers

They hired somebody from a lottery company for cheap. I will give it 6 months—either the person will leave(if he is smart) or the company will fire him Less


How would you add value to Spreedly?


Why do you want to join us?


Are you familiar with CMM model?


What criteria do you think we should use to evaluate you?

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