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What would be your key focus for delivering value on joining a company like Energia

Very private questions such as any desease, health condition, marital status etc.

What experience do you have transforming tech organizations?

Main interviewer manager was very hostile. Kept asking me questions and interrupting me when I tried to answer. This went on throughout the entire interview and I just did the best I could. I sent thank you notes to each interviewer after the interview. I told the vendor that if all the candidates are interviewed that way, they will turn the job down because they are not going to want to report to the hostile manager.

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What Was you current Rome Challenges and transformations

Describe relevant experience leading Digital Signage Technology teams in the last 10 years.

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Asked my opinions about how to improve the technology around the office

What would your previous supervisors say are your strengths?

What would your previous supervisors say are your weaknesses?

They asked me to evaluate video recordings of potential employee interactions.

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