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The Joint Chiropractic
Chiropractor was asked...March 16, 2014

How do you express the need for chiropractic care to an asymptomatic person.

2 Answers

Think of a car, we need to treat it, align it, make sure all the fluids are properly there and we do this regularly, the same things goes for a patient, to prevent the car from overloading, misaligned spine overtime will cause stress to the body which leads to disease ! Less

Be able to tell the chiropractic story in two minutes or less

Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center

Tell us about yourself ?

1 Answers

I am very emejertic and hard working

The Joint Chiropractic
Chiropractor was asked...September 29, 2021

How much experience did I have

1 Answers

6 years

The Joint Chiropractic

Was I a good adjuster

1 Answers

No , I'm a great adjuster . I say that not to brag , but to let you know how engaging I've been to learn my craft . Less

The Joint Chiropractic

In your own words, describe the 3 step process of relief, recovery, and wellness.

1 Answers

Patient comes in looking for relief when their tissues are overwhelmed. After adjustments , home care, and some rest at the correct frequency, the body will start healing until it gets to a point where pain is gone. Wellness is maintained by being proactive and coming into office before experiencing what got them in there at first Less

The Joint Chiropractic

What are your core values?

1 Answers

Answer with honesty. Keep it short and simple. No more than 3

The Joint Chiropractic

Would I be willing to work weekends?

1 Answers


Do you consider yourself someone who will do anything to succeed

1 Answers

if you say yes, then you present more competition internally that the interviewer is willing to deal with. If you qualify your answer by saying no, but here is why, you stand a better chance Less

Rincon Chiropractic & Massage

Can you adjust a patient in a comfortable way?

1 Answers


Thrive Health Systems

Questions asked that were more in line with a personality test not a professional interview. It was almost laughable they did not try to find out what kind of a Dr. you are and really didnt seem to care

1 Answers

Why was Coutney not allowed to do any of the interview process he is from Ga and was at the clinic Robin is from Colorado very different mentalities. Less

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