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How do you express the need for chiropractic care to an asymptomatic person.

2 Answers

Be able to tell the chiropractic story in two minutes or less

Think of a car, we need to treat it, align it, make sure all the fluids are properly there and we do this regularly, the same things goes for a patient, to prevent the car from overloading, misaligned spine overtime will cause stress to the body which leads to disease !

In your own words, describe the 3 step process of relief, recovery, and wellness.

1 Answer

Was I a good adjuster

1 Answer

What are your core values?

1 Answer

Do you consider yourself someone who will do anything to succeed

1 Answer

Can you adjust a patient in a comfortable way?

1 Answer

Questions asked that were more in line with a personality test not a professional interview. It was almost laughable they did not try to find out what kind of a Dr. you are and really didnt seem to care

1 Answer

Why airrosti

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What kind of treatment plan would you recommend to a personal injury patient with moderate low back pain, and how would you explain it.

1 Answer

What style of treatment and what approach I found most effective?

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