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Vestas Wind Systems
CIM - Lead Engineer was asked...March 7, 2022

1. How to conduct RCA 2. DFMEA case study 3. How to resolve a failure using DMAIC approach

1 Answers

explained the tools used for conducting RCA with case study example

Emergency Medical Associates
CIM was asked...August 4, 2017

Describe a time you did not get along with a co-wrorker.

Envision Healthcare
CIM was asked...June 5, 2018

what are the job responsibilities of a CIM

Emergency Medical Associates
CIM was asked...March 11, 2018

ask you basic questions about your clinical experience. you have to take a typing test and they get the prompt from, you need to get over 60 WPM. Theres also a quiz, where they will give you the generic name of something and then you have to write the medical term correctly and spelling counts. EX: epistaxis= nosebleed, mandible= jaw bone, BLS= basic life support, URI= upper respiratory infection, myocardial infarction= heart attack

Emergency Medical Associates
CIM was asked...June 10, 2015

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Emergency Medical Associates

What do you think the position entails?

Emergency Medical Associates
CIM was asked...February 12, 2018

Describe a stressful situation at work and how you handled it? What is the role of a CIM? What are you most concerned about, working as a CIM? How have your prior experiences prepared you/make you a good candidate?

Emergency Medical Associates

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you want this job?

Emergency Medical Associates
CIM was asked...September 17, 2017

Why should we hire you?

Emergency Medical Associates
CIM was asked...April 6, 2022

What is the meaning of GERD?

1 Answers

I did not know

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