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Statistician Interview Questions in Cincinnati, OH

"When you interview for a position as a statistician, you can expect to be asked about your knowledge of statistics, analytical and critical thinking skills, and your ability to draw conclusions from gathered data. Prepare to answer situational questions that may require you to analyze a set of data and explain its meaning or design an experiment to gather important statistical data. Your employer will want to make sure you can use your theoretical knowledge of statistics to solve hands-on, real world problems."

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Q: Which kind of model to use in survival analysis?

Q: Tell me a project you did about clinical data research.

How would you interpret odds ratio estimates from logistic regression to a client?

How comfortable are you working with SAS? Describe a situation where you had to write a programme in SAS to conduct a specific statistical analysis.

More generally, someone will ask you what type of modeling you enjoy, then ask you a technical question related to that.