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How would you know if a port is open or not.

3 Answers

Try to ping the port. The answer they were looking for was probably a port sniffer. Or network monitoring tool like wireshark.

On the server itself, use "netstat -an" to check to see which ports are listening From outside, just "telnet host port" to see if the connection is refused, accepted, or timeouts

Using nmap is the best way I've found with the most success rate overall. Nmap can do TCP and UDP based port scans.

why did Citrix systems consume COL? was this strictly a technology mitigation or a business decision? why?

2 Answers

How do I know your not just telling me what I want to hear an idiot would tell me he is coachable.

2 Answers

What will you do if you are in this position currently?

1 Answer

Name a time when you got a "no" from a prospect and ended up with a "yes". How did you do it?

1 Answer

They asked techinacal product questions, which I thought were overly tech for the roles.

1 Answer

What is the most recent article or white paper that you've read?

1 Answer

What switches from one utility to another when a failure is detected?

2 Answers

how does the "volatile" works ??

1 Answer

Prepare your environment to compile. It is better to prepare a file with all including or using and basic structure. I write the code on notebook, it takes me more time to compile the code rather than solving the problem.

2 Answers
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