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How would you handle an irate customer that was looking for a check that did not come in?

11 Answers

Apologize to them and let them know that it's on it's way. This was the answer per the interviewer. Never promise a customer anything and never have them come to the post office to get mail.

How long did it take you to get the orientation email?? Thank you

Here is my timeline: Applied 7/18/15 Received email for interview 8/4/15, interview was 8/6/15 Received offer 8/12/15 (You have 7 days to accept or decline) I accepted 6 days later Received appointment/congratulatory letter 8/18/15 with an appointment date of 8/22/15 Orientation start date of 8/24/15

Are you prepared to work 50-60 hrs a week?

2 Answers

Normal interview questions : tell me about a time, how did you handle, and what would you do questions .

2 Answers

Are you afraid of dogs? Are you prepared to work in all elements of the weather? (rain, sleet, snow, extreme heat, extreme cold)

2 Answers

Are u a detailed oriented person? Do u have an issue with traveling? Will working long hours be ok for u? If ur postmaster told u to do something but ur manager told u to deliver express mail, what would u do? Do u have customer service experience?

2 Answers

Can you work in the outside elements?

2 Answers

What do you do if one supervisor tells you to do something and then another supervisor tells you to do something else?

2 Answers

Can you work outside in any weather?

2 Answers

Would you be afraid to go into a bad neighborhood? Are you willing to carry 35 pounds? Why do you want to work for the Post Office?

2 Answers

How would you deal with an unhappy customer?

2 Answers
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