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Liberty Mutual Insurance
CAT Claim Adjuster was asked...July 14, 2016

Describe a time when you had to tell someone bad news and there was nothing you could do to fix the situation?

3 Answers

I will explain every policy and each step of the terms, using a language they can understand. Mirroring the costumer language and review the situation, plus the evidence with them. Also, if they have any farther questions about anything be available to contact me back Less

I made sure i used a situation, behavior, application, and outcome in my answers. Less

I once had to tell a customer that the damage to their car would not be covered because it was determined that the accident she got in was her fault and she didn’t have comprehensive coverage. Less


A shop disagrees with your estimate of labor hours and says you are trying to cheat the customer, who do you handle the situation?

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I would ask the shop mechanic how much time he thinks it would take to fix the damages. If it is near my estimate, I would adjust the amount of labor hours to the mechanic’s estimation. Less


The one unscripted question was: I am a customer, and you wrote the estimate on my car up as a 3 hour repair on the quarter panel, and I say I want it replaced. What do you say?

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I would reference the company policy explaining that the amount of damage done to the quarter panels warrants a repair, not a replacement. If the customer fears the safety of the car will be compromised, I would ensure them that the damage was mostly cosmetic and not structural. Less

Progressive Insurance

One question that was not part of the STAR method, I was asked was how do you help foster your work environment.

8 Answers

Not yet!

Accepted their offer as of yesterday!

Congratulations! Me as well!

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Progressive Insurance

Phone Interview: Tell me about a time you made a bad decision? What happened? In-Person Interview: Tell me about a time where you made or suggested a change in policy or procedure at work? (Definitely research the STAR method and Progressive)

7 Answers

I didn't get the position. I found out on Wednesday. I was disappointed but I did call the recruiter back for feedback. They said they didn't think I'd be able to handle the stress. She said she believes it was my wording when I answered the question about how I handled stress. However she's not sure believe she didn't interview me. Oh well! And yes, no new is good news! Good luck! Less

I am sorry. Best of luck searching though. Will be praying for ya. Did you get a phone call or an email just wondering. I am hoping to hear from them today. Less

Thank you and they contacted me via email!

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Progressive Insurance

1.Tell us about a time you had to work in a hostile work environment. 2. Tell us about your proudest moment in your career. 3. Tell us about a time when you received negative feedback 4. Tell us about a time when you had to go above and beyond for a customer

4 Answers

Thank you for sharing your experience! What were your previous jobs? Did you have any experience with customer service or insurance? What kind of answers did you provide to the interview questions? Thanks for any additional info! Less

Working for Enterprise rent a car helped a lot because you're dealing with the same insurance customers and both companies place a large emphasis on customer service. Less

Congrats..! I am in the process rigt now... I am going to my face to face interview. Less

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Progressive Insurance

Are you looking for employment elsewhere

5 Answers


I'd rather not :)

I got asked that as well.......not a normal question

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Progressive Insurance

Tell me about a time that you made a mistake and what did you do about it?

5 Answers

Great company

I applied back in July. I haven't done the assessment nor have I had an interview. I already have my adjusters license and I wanted to know how much longer will it be before I heard anything. Less

I have a phone interview this week.

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Progressive Insurance

Just took the assessment and waiting for the next phase in the hiring process

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So listen everyone looking to get this position I learned from the recruiter what happened, and what I found is that complexity and critical thinking played a part in me not getting the opportunity. So if you are going to be interviewing soon make sure when answering the managers questions you add complexity to your answers they want to make sure you can handle the workload and have high critical thinking skills so over exaggerate your answers pretty much. I won’t be reapplying at all but this might help someone . Less

Ugggghh so yes and let’s just say it didn’t go well. She asked all these scenario questions that I thought I was prepared for nope I wasn’t. She wasn’t very nice either and you could tell she was uninterested in the interview. I started to rush myself because I was so over all the stupid questions. Like when was the last time you had to put yourself in a compromising position and how did you get out of it? I was annoyed.. After we made eye contact I knew it wasn’t going to go well. She just seemed so uninterested. The recruiters were so nice and were very prompt in getting back to me in a timely manner, but that interview was a bomb. I’m not mad though I don’t think if I actually had that manager as my manager I would stay at the job so I’m ok with the outcome. She’s not very nice and the entire time she kept trying to tell me negative things about the position, and that was annoying. Like listen if I was concerned about the long hours and huge workload I wouldn’t have applied. The whole interview she talked about why people wouldn’t want to stay in the job. Smh...Good luck to everyone else hoping to get in. Less

Looking forward to moving forward

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Progressive Insurance

Discuss a time you were in a busy environment how were you able to succeed in this environment?

4 Answers

They called me.

Oh ok thanks

STAR Method example (Situation, Task, Action, Result) Situation: " In a previous position I held, I worked in a busy work environment. My role included working accounts in different portfolios. I needed to settle 5 customer accounts before the end of the week. This week, in particular, was a busy one as restructuring was happening in the department and company. There were a lot of other things going on like training, meetings, and presentations. Task: To settle the 5 customer accounts in the allotted time (by the end of the week) Action: I set a realistic timeline for this task. I got the list of the accounts that I had to settle beforehand and quickly reviewed each account to see what the bulk of the work was needed for each account. The way I organized my workload is by colour coding and prioritizing the accounts by urgency and importance first. Result: As a result, I completed all the accounts on time because of my pre-planning techniques. I figured out that prioritizing through importance and urgency allowed for the right amount of time to complete all the accounts, along with balancing a busy work environment." ***Skills used: Prioritizing, critical thinking, multi-tasking, analytical skills, exercising judgment.*** ***I found by saying the skills that were used afterward allowed for self-reflection *** Less

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