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No questions were difficult, just know why you want to work for State Farm

9 Answers

What is the base salary offered?

Did you start the job already? what are the schedules like? I know it can be any shift but if you have any details please let me know. How is the training? Is there any other testing besides the one for the license? Thanks

Yes I've started already, just completed my 4th week of training. My training schedule is 9am to 5:30pm mon-fri..then my regular work shift will be 9:30-6 mon-fri... The only test that really matters is the licensing exam, although there are several other exams throughout training that they'd like for you to pass but it's not as mandatory as passing the licensing exam..

How have you dealt with a teammate that wasn't pulling their weight.

2 Answers

The questions were very general and expected, be very detailed an specific with answers using specific instances.

3 Answers

"Give me a time when you had to multitask to get something done in a short amount of time?"

1 Answer

Why Liberty Mutual?

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Describe where you expect to be in 5 years with this company if you are hired.

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There were no difficult questions, but be ready to explain your responses to his questions. "When you say growth--what do you mean by that?"

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They ask you typical questions and weird questions.

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The questions were pretty standard, the only one I got that I have never really had before was to explain the difference between business writing and regular writing.

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What kind of cereal do you eat?

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