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Tell me a time when I had to be a mediator between two co-workers and the outcome? Tell me a time I went against a co-workers advice?

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Tell me a time when I finished a project or task that no one else could complete? Tell me a time when I implemented a new procedure or process?

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I can't think of one that appeared to be more difficult to answer than another. Also, nothing came out of "left field". Understanding the behavior based nature of the interview, and the type of job I was applying for, I encountered nothing that was unexpected on my end.

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They asked me what I knew about the company. But the HR person said "We have our six core values" and proceeded to tell me about them. Outside of that I did not know much else to say

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Tell me about a time that you had to develop a presentation. The wraparound question - tell me why you are the best person for this position given your skills and experiences.

Describe a situation in which you had to help an irate customer and tell us how you resolved the issue.

Behavioral questions were asked regarding how various scenarios would be handled. Thus emphasizing the importance of customer experience with Cigna. Example question: If you sit down to work and do not know what to do first, how do you respond?

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Who is more likely to file a disability claim? A 25yr old male or 25yr old female?

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Describe a time that you exceeded expectations.

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Discuss your management style. What attracted you to apply here? Tell us your about your non-standard auto claims experience.

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