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Name a situation in which you had to made a difficult decision.

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I tried to think of a past work situation in which I had to make a difficult decision. I don't remember exactly how I answered, but I did pass the pre-interview.

I was called for a phone interview with Travelers yesterday. They said that they are going to send me a email on the hiring process but did not set up an person to person interview. After taking the phone interview did they set up a person to person interview the same day? By the way, I never got the hiring process email but they said it would take 24 to 48 hours. Tomorrow at 11:00 am it will be 48 hours. Also, can you please let me know what kind of math questions you had?

Why would you want to leave your current position and take a lower salary?

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"What was your favorite aspect of your previous positions?" followed shortly by, "What was your least favorite aspect of previous positions?"

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"How do you tend to handle stressful situations?"

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They presented me with a scenario whereby I had to pick between three different charities (pick one) to donate some of Warren Buffet's wealth to. The goal of donating was to eliminate malaria in African children. The three options were different charities: one that built clean-water wells, one that provided cheap pesticide-laden nets for people to sleep under, and one that tested and treated existing malaria cases. I had to write out my reasoning for my choice as well as my reasoning for not picking the others, and then talk with my interviewer and present my case.

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Would I be able to make the "tough" decisions denying a claimant benefits?

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How far is [location you live] from the office and will commuting be a problem?


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