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Rain and Hail Insurance
Claim Auditor was asked...October 18, 2011

If you could be a superhero, what power would you possess?

31 Answers

Me: Anything but the ability to control lightning. Interviewer: Why so? Me: So that we can still claim lightning strikes as acts of God on insurance claims. Less

Fly - of course. Then I would not be looking for a job.

My power would be to turn stupid questions into relevant questions that have to do with the actual job. Less

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State Farm

None, really, but giving an example of a time you received critical feedback is a tricky question because you don't really want it to seem like you are the type to make huge mistakes or are in need of constant coaching.

10 Answers

Is this postion for the Irving, Texas location?

No, it was in Tempe AZ

I am interviewing for the same position in Tempe, AZ this week. What is the salary that they are offering? Less

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State Farm

No questions were difficult, just know why you want to work for State Farm

9 Answers

Were you offered the job on the spot ? How long after your in person interview did it take until you were offered? Less

Licensing was not difficult. At first you’re nervous because it’s new to you. But I studied for the Florida test and half of the other class has the Texas test which was written and the whole class passed Less

Yes - After the phone interview they asked me if i wanted to accept the position. Less

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State Farm

None of the questions were really difficult. you just have to have scenarios ready and be ready to give the situation, how you handled it and the result. Some questions were: Tell me a time you disagreed with a boss and how you handled it? or tell me a time you worked as part of a team and they weren't pulling their weight and how you handled it, etc.

8 Answers

I have accepted an offer this week from State Farm. How do you know that they expect you to stick to a strict schedule if you haven't started yet? Less

First, congrats on the new job.. I asked the recruiter a lot of questions. I have claims handling experience and in the scenario questions/answers I gave, it was easy to compare the differences from what I was used to. I dont know what state your position is so it may be different depending on how the office is ran. But she described to me that to regulate things, there is a strict schedule made. They will basically map out your whole day. They will tell you what tasks to handle at which hours and when to take your lunch etc. She also stated that the employees schedule from start to finish will vary but you will know 2-3 months ahead of time. I assume this is how all of them will be because the recruiter was from New York and I am not, nor is my position. Training is 6 months and is a solid 8-4. I dont start until July.... So we will see how things go..It was explained that there's not much freedom to make your own decisions. But Ive been made offers that made it sound bad before and it was the opposite. Less

Hey, I start in July as well. Are you in Frederick, MD?

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Progressive Insurance

One question that was not part of the STAR method, I was asked was how do you help foster your work environment.

8 Answers

Accepted their offer as of yesterday!

Congratulations! Me as well!

Have you heard bAck yet?

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Social Security Administration

"A claimant comes in with her little children who are being very disruptive in the office. The mother (the claimant) cannot focus on the interview questions, what do you do?"

6 Answers

You mentioned you have any further resources for the interviews? Specific blogs I can look at to prepare myself further? Any help would be great!! I interview May 12, 2014 so any help before them would be greatly appreciated! Less

You should see if the claimant can still go through with the interview even while there is a lot of noise to distract her. Less

I always kept coloring books and crayons, Matchbox cars, and Playdough in my office and the trunk of my car as I came across this frequently during my years of claims adjusting. The Dollar Store is a fantastic place to load up on these goods. Less

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Progressive Insurance

Phone Interview: Tell me about a time you made a bad decision? What happened? In-Person Interview: Tell me about a time where you made or suggested a change in policy or procedure at work? (Definitely research the STAR method and Progressive)

7 Answers

I didn't get the position. I found out on Wednesday. I was disappointed but I did call the recruiter back for feedback. They said they didn't think I'd be able to handle the stress. She said she believes it was my wording when I answered the question about how I handled stress. However she's not sure believe she didn't interview me. Oh well! And yes, no new is good news! Good luck! Less

I am sorry. Best of luck searching though. Will be praying for ya. Did you get a phone call or an email just wondering. I am hoping to hear from them today. Less

Thank you and they contacted me via email!

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The phone voice test with script was difficult and I was asked questions that I had to answer based on my customer service experience and skills.

7 Answers

Have you ever done or heard of interviews for liveops being done on Google Hangouts? I did a interview on Google Hangouts for liveops 8/9/18 the next day I was told I was hired I was sent the employee contract to sign and a W-4 to my email address. First I was told the company was going to fund the mini home office and then I was told that the vendor needed to adjust and reprogram programs due to HIPAA and I need to purchase cards for the vendor to install what is needed cost around $200 so my home mini office could be sent to me that's where the red flag came up at. Now I don't know if I am really employed with liveops or not and scammed out of my social security number and also no background check was ever mentioned. Less

I had that same problem last in July I did an interview on Google Hangout for liveops the next day I was told I was hired. Less

I'm going into the same process and this guy called Joseph is interviewing me through hang out!!! And asking deposited 9000 into my account! And asking me to send 5000 to the vendor! Is this activity related to this company!!!!? This is so fishy Less

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How would you deal with a difficult member of the team

6 Answers

By telling him the truth and keeping calm

By been sincere in your explanation to the person, and convincing the person as calmly as possible to see things through in your angle. Less

By being good example to him or her definitely changes will take place

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Progressive Insurance

See above :) I shared several examples. And others posted the exact questions :)

6 Answers

You nailed it. I was lucky to read this prior to interviewing as well as add some more of my own dynamics and landed the position. Thank you Less

The is the best job review I have ever seen I just landed a video interview! Thanks for the information! Less

Thank you for this!

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