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BJ's Wholesale Club
Produce Clerk was asked...July 12, 2017

What are the best contributes of an employee of BJs?

8 Answers

Having acknowledgment of all depts of the building

To put members first

Members first

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Avantguard Monitoring

Sometimes Data Entry can be kind of monotonous. Are you okay with a lot of repetition in your job?

5 Answers

In my opinion, repetition isn't necessarily a bad thing. By doing work that is somewhat repetitious, you can focus on providing excellent customer service to those who are calling in. Less


Repetition is good in a data entry position. When you are repetitive, you learn the fields your data needs to go to and you can input much more in a timely manner Less

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US Postal Service

Do you have any relevant work experience?

4 Answers

I worked at a walgreens.



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How would you handle a difficult customer?

3 Answers

Be patient with the customer and try answering all questions with a smile

By being patient with the customer and try to answer all their questions the best I can Less

By first and foremost remaining calm.

CVS Health

Do you have any schedule conflicts?

3 Answers

I'm very involved with the theatre department at my school and in a couple bands (although the latter commitment is quite flexible). Less

I am currently involved in anything at my school.

I am currently not involved in anything at my school ^

WinCo Foods

A woman has just finished checking out in line and has exclaimed that she forgot her eggs. She asks if she has to wait in line again. What do you say?

3 Answers

Try to find available person to grab eggs for her

No, let me grab you some eggs and then I can help you in Customer Service.


Give us three reasons why you should be hired.

3 Answers

I take great pride in my job. I have ten years of cashiers experience. I'm a very hard working individual. Less

I enjoy working with customers.

I have five years of customer service experience

Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals

After the job details were presented I was asked if I could perform the job.

3 Answers


This was a complete fraud. I will always go with my gut from now on. I went as far as receiving a check from the fraudsters. The check arrived printed on COPY PAPER but I went a head and verified with the bank noted anyway. Less

Hi, I was just wondering how did it go after the job acceptance? I just went through the same process earlier today however I too am skeptical.. Less

US Postal Service

What is safety to you?

3 Answers

Using caution is very important to me and the others around me. Performance of my job as Im instructed should be done to the best of my ability Less

something that must be strictly followed.

safty is the first priority.

Fry's Food

You are stocking a shelf and a customer passes you, what would you do or say?

3 Answers

I would say hello, and ask if they needed help finding anything

I would say hello, and ask if they needed help finding anything

I would say hi and ask them if they needed help finding what they are looking for and provide them with valid information Less

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