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City of Edmonton
Clerk II was asked...March 1, 2018

Tell me about a time when you were face with a difficult situation with clients and how did you overcome the difficulty.

2 Answers

I used the star method

I’ve been applying with the COE for 2 yrs and never got an interview. Could you pls give us tips on how to land an interview and get the job? Or must really know someone for you to get in. Thanks. Less

Fresno County

How would you rate your attendance on a scale of 1 to 10?

2 Answers

I rated myself a 10 because I have never taken an unscheduled day off!

I would say 10 but I also go to school so I'm not gonna make in the morning


Basic interview questions: strengths/weaknesses, experience relation to the job

2 Answers

Just google some really good answers and tailor it to your experience

Identify something such as patience and why like “ patience because sometimes I’m eager to be promoted and Eventhough it may be right another candidate gets chosen & how I’ve fixed this is to believe in supervision for their choice and believe in the candidate chosen to fulfil the job duty . Less

Alamance County Government

The some of the employees that work for the company are not al honest and truthful

1 Answers

Rather not discuss

New York State Lottery

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

Back in college.

Normal questions related to my skills and abilities and the positions responsibilities, it was a three person panel interview, one gentleman asked me at the end, if I was a tree, what type of tree would I be...having nothing to do with the interview, I answered fig, because they taste good.

1 Answers

Answered all questions honestly related to skills and abilities and description of position/qualifications they were seeking in an new hire. Less

Skyline Ultd

Can I read an ERB

1 Answers


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

It's not really an interview so there are no questions. They go over all of your documentation, copy your ID, etc.

1 Answers

No questions to answer.

Maryland Judiciary

How long have you been in customer service

1 Answers

14 years

ASRC Management Services

Are you able to multitask.

1 Answers

Yes! I pay very good attention to details and follow directions well, once trained z I require little or no supervision, I am good at organizing, leadership oriented, and a good trainer if needed. Less

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