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Whirlpool Corporation Interviews in Cleveland /  HQ: Benton Harbor, MI

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Life Care Centers of America Interviews in Cleveland /  HQ: Cleveland, TN

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Interview Questions in Cleveland

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How do you feel about giving birth control to minors or young children.

1 Answer

Was not expecting this question, but the health department has to give out free birth control and is expected to keep confidentiality. I responded that I did not think it was right for them to be needing it in the first place, but better give it to prevent the alternatives.

Would I be willing to work non-traditional hours?

1 Answer

Why should i hire you?

1 Answer

They asked what I did wrong and how I resolved it

1 Answer

How many months of educational benefits do you have left?

1 Answer

They wanted to know my typing speed. They wanted 35 words per minute and you test for it.

1 Answer

what is one thing you liked about your previous job

1 Answer

What procedures have you done? What procedures do you like to do? What procedures are you good at? What brings you to this location? What are your future plans?

What was the most difficult situation you've been in?

1 Answer

What was a problem in your previous employment that you solved?

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