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This is the strange part about the whole process...I didn't see any of the questions as being "difficult" or "unexpected". I felt that I aced the interviews and then was shot down!

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sometimes our perceptions of ourselves are not always accurate. Did you ask them to give you feedback? If you were that great you would have gotten the job. Maybe you should need to do a mock interview or contact a rep from progressive to go over every response you gave and tell you what they were looking for so you will know next time.

Your answer is totally WRONG! They were unwilling to speak to me about it at all. I'm not some rookie who just came into the job market. I've worked at some very prestigious companies throughout my career and have never ran into this before. Some of these past positions involved me in the hiring position. So your implication that I need to do a mock interview is both insulting and stupid on your part. You have no clue. The problem clearly was my age.

Ha ha! Your response to someone's offer to help you was arrogant and rude. No wonder you didn't get a job offer!

When did you have to break a rule at work?

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Tell me about a time that you had to get the resources / support of a person not directly in your control or functional group.

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Case study: Sales increased selling price on all items by 5%. There are 10 items, all with different selling prices. Gross revenue was $500,000 before the price increase, with an average selling price of $1. After the price increase Gross revenue was $505,000, with an average selling price of $0.95. Why hasn't the price increase had the desired impact of increasing revenue and average selling price?

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The most unexpected question was how would I react to a waiter at a restaurant if my order wasn't satisfactory to my standards

What do you feel needs the most improvement in your background?

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Tell me about a time when you did not get what you expected from your lead, how did you handle it? What is the new software/technology that you have learnt recently?

What was the most challenging problem that I had to work on.

How do you influence a team?

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Asked to code on the spot, review it, self-critique it, and see if there are opportunities to make it better

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