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The most difficult question came from the CEO during the second interview when he asked me to explain the lack of duration in my job history (according to my resume).

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I've had a spotty employment history, and was embarrassed to admit that much of it has been my own fault. I get bored easily, and when I mentioned this, the CEO voiced his concern that I would get bored with them, as well.

What is like working for a small company vs. corporate.

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No difficult questions at all.

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I had a follow up question that was answer in a rude way... Based on my job experience and what they are looking for, I was perfect. However, based on the position, my experience was not needed from what I could tell based on the tasks listed on the description. I asked why would they want someone with my background to do this job?

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Nothing out of the ordinary. Was not too prepared for the four week classroom training they asked me about, though.

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I don't recall the exact questions asked, they were targeted to technical knowledge and Client experience

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No unexpected or difficult questions during the phone interview. It was mostly a discussion of experience and how it fits to the position.

My thoughts on horizontal vs vertical structuring and relationships with CEO

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