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What is something about yourself that you could improve on?

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My answer was something along the lines of "Understand that it's okay to ask questions." At most of the other places I'd worked at, God forbid I should ever have asked a question about anything. It turned into an argument where I'd be berated for "not knowing how things were done." Well, if I'd know how things were done . . . I wouldn't have bothered asking how to do them. So I became rather gun-shy when it came to asking questions to ensure that I was doing my work properly, because the end result was usually me being insulted. For the record, I haven't experienced anything like that at Safeguard. All of my questions have been answered patiently and respectfully.

They wanted to know the way I think/analyze issues/problem solve - it was REALLY ODD at first. I think they pulled this out of a Harvard Business School case study. I felt like I was in college and having an oral final exam.

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How do you handle difficult/upset clients?

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Asked racist questions not relating to job. The guy only likes women and stared at my busts the entire time. He seems very controlling.

They wanted to know all about code I wrote in college. It was wild, I thought they were going to offer me a developer position but the guy was just interested. It showed me another side to the company - positive.

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Give me an example of a difficult situation with a customer/client and how did you resolve it?

Estimate the number of people in a building at a certain time based on asking questions of the interviewer.

What are 3 things you look for in a job?

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